Jordan, Misty, and Gracyn: Life With a Newborn

October 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Having attended Gracyn’s birth, I was particularly excited to meet her again outside of the hospital setting.  She was happily sitting in her baby swing when I walked in with all my gear, and she stayed pretty content throughout her whole session which made my job so easy!  Snuggling with a newborn is definitely one of my most favorite ways to spend an afternoon!

Jordan and Misty had pretty much set up baby camp in their living room because it was just so much easier for them to be close by baby Gracyn that way.  I love when a family is just so honest, open, and real about their journey into parenthood.  You do what works best for you as a family and whatever gets you the best sleep.  That’s totally the reality of parenting and I loved seeing baby central in their living room!

Gracyn initially started out wide awake for her session.  Fewer things are sweeter than a days old baby staring lovingly up at her Daddy.  But after a good feed, Gracyn settled into a nice sleep which allowed for some sweet detail shots of this sweet little squish!  It’s certainly one of my favorite parts of photographing newborns.  It’s those tiniest of details that you’ll want to remember forever.  

Jordan and Misty have settled in so nicely to parenting and their support for one another is really fantastic.  They have extreme patience and I loved watching them interact with not only Gracyn but their fur babies as well.  Misty and Jordan, congratulations on your sweet baby girl and thank you for welcoming me into your home!


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