Gwen's 1st Birthday Balloon Celebration!

September 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Sweet baby Gwen is officially no longer a baby!  You may remember her from her newborn or her 6 month session with her BFF, Lia (the family pup).  She just turned one and oh my goodness is she a sweet toddler!  

I love hearing the very unique things kids take a liking to especially at such a young age.  For Miss Gwen, it’s rocks and dogs.  Yep, you read that right.  Maybe she’s destined to become a geologist one day or for that matter, a veterinarian!  But for now it’s about the cutest thing to see her get SO excited over either of the two.  And while those two items are sweet, her love and affection is 100% for Colleen and Ryan.

Gwen has such a sweet dimpled smile and is all over the place these days.  One of her favorite past times is putting things in her mouth and running away from Mom and Dad as quickly as possible, which of course, is right on par with her age!  It’s part of what I find so fun about first birthday sessions.  

Colleen made sure to pick up some giant balloons as well as a bunch of smaller ones for the happy birthday celebration.  I should note, though, that Colleen also deserves to be celebrating — she’s made it to over a full year of breastfeeding Gwen and I know firsthand that’s no easy task!  The love and connection a child has through breastfeeding is incredible.  There is such a strong bond there and I just love that Colleen was totally on board with some photos to commemorate it when Gwen decided she needed a milk break during the session.

Colleen and Ryan, welcome to the next stage of parenting, toddlerhood!


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