The Long Awaited Birth of Baby Gracyn

September 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Joining a couple as they prepare to welcome a newborn baby into their lives is something I will never take for granted.  It is absolutely beautiful and awe inspiring.  Jordan and Misty’s birth story is one I was able to be present for and I’m so honored to have been in the background of it.  But, enough about me, let’s talk about this sweet couple and their birth journey to meet Miss Gracyn Carter!

Misty waited and waited for Gracyn to come on her own, but at 41 weeks and 1 day, they along with their OB, decided the time had come to induce Misty.  So Jordan and Misty waited again.  They waited for the call from the Labor and Delivery unit to give them the green light to head on in.  They checked in around 10:30pm on 9/7/2016 and officially started the induction around 12:30am on 9/8/2016.  Misty handled the induction quite well and by 11:30am her contractions were every 3 minutes apart and dilated to 3cm.  She was surrounded by a strong group of supporters between Jordan’s step-mom, sister, and their best friends, not to mention those on the other end of the digital realm via texts and calls.  But from that point on, Gracyn had other plans despite the efforts from Misty and her team.  She decided she was a bit stubborn and wanted to test Misty and Jordan’s patience juuuuust a little bit more.  Misty wasn’t progressing past that 3cm mark.  Around 8pm, they collectively decided it was time to go forth with a c-section and to meet their baby girl.

In our meetings and talks during Misty’s pregnancy, they both agreed that Jordan would likely be the emotional one throughout the process and I can now say they were right.  But I  include this tid bit, because I think it’s important for a parent at the birth their child to know that there are MANY variations of normal as far as feelings go. Their totally laid back and confident anesthesiologist echoed this sentiment to Jordan as he handed him a clean wash cloth in the OR to wipe his tears when he said, “This is the miracle of life.  I think it’s awesome. You’re about to become a Dad!”  And this photographer sat back with a huge lump in her throat because who doesn’t want to hear statements like that as they sit watching the miracle of life unfold?  

Misty stayed calm and collected and Jordan shot glances all over the room.  It was amazing to see his Papa Bear instinct kick in when the procedure started.  He was 100% behind Misty and was their holding her hand throughout the process.  She was never without his support, loving words, and touch.  And in a cold, stark, and bright OR, that’s exactly what is needed.

Their OB stayed calm and collected and kept it all very light hearted as they went through the c-section.  From the time the first cut was made until Gracyn was born was about 7 minutes.  A beautiful baby Gracyn greeted the world just before 9:30pm on 9/8/2016.  And Jordan’s Daddy instinct was immediate.  He checked on Misty, he checked on Gracyn, he checked on Misty and Gracyn and brought Gracyn over to Misty.  I think so often the Dad can feel lost in the whole birthing process and it was incredible to see Jordan with an all-in attitude from the beginning.  He cut the cord, he put on Gracyn’s first diaper, he brought Gracyn to meet Misty.  He had all the right questions and I loved being their as a photographer but also as a Mom myself.  I know the rush of having a baby and I know a million questions flood your head all at once.  But Jordan didn’t waiver.  He was confident and was a Daddy long before the birth.  

Once Misty was sutured up, they were brought back to a recovery room where Misty, Jordan, and Gracyn got to have their bonding time.  It was so great to see Misty being able to interact with her new baby, to get her skin to skin time that she so badly wanted, and to hear her speak to her daughter.  Although things didn’t go as she had originally preferred, she handled it wonderfully and took the recovery time as an opportunity to bond with Gracyn.  She made the most of the way her cards fell and she was in total Mommy mode in no time flat. 

Thank you, Jordan and Misty for allowing me into your birth space!  


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