Prepping for Baby Number Three [Documentary Maternity Photography]

March 29, 2017  •  6 Comments

Here I am at 23 weeks pregnant with baby number three and suddenly a million things are swirling through my head thanks to questions from well meaning people.  I’ve recently been asked again and again if we’re “ready” for the baby.  Up until all these questions started coming at me, I’ve felt pretty calm and collected about everything.  

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Let me be clear (and knock on wood at the same time), I love being pregnant— once my morning sickness goes away.  Like clockwork, with all three of my kids, morning sickness started at 6 weeks and ended some time around 18ish weeks.  Once my morning sickness ends, again, like clockwork, I start experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions (This is probably my husband’s favorite thing I reference in regards to my pregnancy.  For some reason, he thinks I sound funny using the term “Braxton Hicks” as opposed to saying something less official like "practice contractions".) and I get heartburn/indigestion.  This pregnancy, I am also experiencing THE craziest nightmares and dreams.  I wake up almost every single morning having had some bizarre dream just before waking up.  I had the occasional odd dream with my first two, but this is a whole new level.  All that said, I love being pregnant.  I enjoy the baby’s movements, kicks, and rolls that I feel more and more every day.  I love that my oldest, Zoe, is infatuated with this pregnancy especially since she had pretty much zero interest last time when I was pregnant with Finn.  I love talking to both Zoe and Finn about what is to come with this baby.  We talk about names, whether we think it will be a boy or girl, and how life will change.  The kids kiss my belly and talk to it every time I leave the house or go to sleep.  When the baby starts moving around a ton, I let Tony know and we feel the baby move together.  Sometimes we’re in disbelief that we’re having another, but definitely in a good way!  I love that my nephew is also excited about it as well as our friends and family.  I am totally cool with the changes in my body and where life is at.

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So, all of the sudden, when these questions from people have been coming in, I’m suddenly feeling like well, *maybe* I should be more concerned.  Maybe I should be doing more prep or nesting or something.  The closest I came to nesting with my first was mopping the floor hours prior to my water breaking.  I never did nest with my second.  

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Here’s the thing, though, I feel like we have everything we need for this baby since we already have two kiddos.  We have the gear - the swing, the baby mat, the boppie, the crib, the co-sleeper, the diaper bags, the baby carriers, the diaper changing pad to fit on the dresser, we have the gender neutral newborn clothes, we have the girl and boy clothes from both of our other kids.  I have a pump for if/when I need it, cloth diapers, burp cloths, baby combs, nose suckers, pacifiers if this baby decides to use one (our second decided he wanted nothing to do with them).  We also plan to have the baby sleep in our room for the first 4-6 months, so the fact that our second is still occupying his crib for naps and bed time is really not a concern.

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St. Louis Katie Gaeta Photography Documentary Children Family BabySt. Louis Katie Gaeta Photography Documentary Baby Clothes Baby Gear Swing Boppy I’ve been thinking lately that maybe the reason I’m not concerned about the “stuff” and prep is because I already feel prepared.  Maybe falsely so?  I think this time around, I am just trying to mentally prepare for the birth as well as afterwards.  We’ve hired the same Doula we used last time, we switched care providers, we have a Birth Photographer, and I feel like we are all working together towards a positive birth experience.  I’ve been really starting to look into Hypnobabies (a technique that is practiced to prepare for Labor and Delivery and used during Labor and Delivery).  We do need to work on our birth preferences, though I’m going to base quite a bit on our preferences from last time.  We will be taking a natural birth refresher course closer to the due date as required by the Birth Center.  The other item on my prep list is what we will do for our older kid’s birthdays in August.  I know it seems like a totally weird thing to think about in March when their birthdays aren’t til August.  This baby is due at the end of July, though, and I don’t know that I love the idea of figuring out a birthday party plan with a newborn.  So my only prep includes: practicing/studying Hypnobabies, birth preferences, refresher course, kid’s party plan.  Am I nuts?  Am I forgetting something?  

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Tell me, dear readers, what else am I forgetting?!  

Those of you who are having a baby this year, hit me up and let’s talk pregnancy, birth, and newborn photos!  I promise having a birth photographer will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!  I am working right up until I have this baby and my maternity leave will be brief, so don't hesitate to contact me for a session!


Remember to take time to relax and enjoy this time as a family 4. Congrats on being on top of prepping for baby!
Jennifer Mason(non-registered)
It sounds like you have everything you need! If you want something to do, you could always create a book for baby, or do some of the other 'fun' things (kids make present for baby, or picking out 1 outfit for baby with kiddos?). We only have/will have 2 kiddos, but if I had to do my second pregnancy over again, I wish I did some of those things because once she got here, they never got done!
Congratulations you are so cute pregnant!
in my opinion, you are very prepared and at peace with this process. yes, it is fine to put the august birthday parties on the to do list. you're awesome.
I could have written this! My first pregnancies were like yours and I absolutely love being pregnant, giving birth and having babies! The only thing I felt I needed to prepare were the size 1 diapers, newborn clothes and carseat! The only thing I worried even more about was making sure I had someone to capture the birth! So keep treasuring and capturing this beautiful bump of yours! Oh and ps,. With my 8th, I skipped the heartburn, isn't this great!?
You've not forgotten anything. You have found a peace and joy that I wish more mommas had. Enjoy this time and that adorable bump!
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