Katie Gaeta Photography | St. Louis Birth Photographer | In Honor of Mothers Around the World

St. Louis Birth Photographer | In Honor of Mothers Around the World

May 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Motherhood is such an incredible adventure and everyone’s journeys uniquely start somewhere.  As a St. Louis Birth Photographer, I have had the absolute honor of watching many mothers meet their babies for the first time.  It is truly something to behold.  These are powerful moments that I will never forget because they are engrained into my head and moments I won’t forget because I captured them with my camera.  


The funny thing about being a birth photographer is when I tell people I’m a birth photographer, I am all too often met with either a scrunch-face-side-eye or deer in the head lights look.  There are some things in life you just have to see to believe.  I frequently tell people, “It’s not just about the ‘crotch shot’ or the blood and gore — it’s SO SO much more than that.”  And typically if someone takes the time to look at my birth photography work, they have their “Ah ha!” moment.  Sometimes that’s all it takes to gain a better understanding of this unique line of work.


So, today, in honor of Mother’s Day, I share with you a video compiled by the amazing team over at Birth Becomes Her to help you gain an insight of what birth and birth photography can look like. It is video clips and sound clips from Birth Photographers around the world, including myself, that I have the pleasure of interacting with on a daily basis.  As per their description, “In honor of mothers around the world, Birth Becomes Her compiled these authentic and powerful moments of women meeting their babies for the very first time. No matter where you give birth or how you welcome your baby into your life, your story is beautiful. Tag a mother or a woman you love. We're all in this together.”

(Video contains content that some may consider graphic)

Birth Becomes Her Mother's Day 2017 from Monet Nicole on Vimeo.

Additionally, for a still photo collection of Mom Meeting Baby Images, visit: birthbecomesher.com.  Can you spot my this St. Louis Birth Photographer’s work on that page?

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