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St. Louis Lifestyle Newborn Photographer | Baby Louie Louie Louie

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As a St. Louis Newborn Photographer, I love photographing newborns in their homes and in their family space.  It provides an element of real life — where this brand new life is changing and re-forming the space once occupied by two, then three, and now four members of a household.  In home newborn lifestyle sessions are just so good.  The parents are relaxed because they didn't have to drag their brand new baby out after worrying about when to feed the baby, when to feed the older one, what to bring for snacks for the older one.  The sessions flow with ease because everything that is needed is at their finger tips.  

Newborn baby feet lifestyle sessionSt-Louis-Newborn-Photographer-01

Baby “Louie Louie Louie” as his older brother, William, lovingly calls him, was just a tiny little peanut ready and willing to be photographed however I had him posed or placed.  William was taking everything in stride and was super interested in my newborn set up.  When I photograph newborns, I bring a whole set up that includes a large bean bag, a newborn stand set up, lots of blankets, a heater to keep baby warm (and for the rest of us to basically do hot yoga ha ha), newborn wraps, and a few other things.  I keep it relatively minimal, but that didn’t stop the temptation for William who saw my set up as a new slide.  I wasn’t surprised, though.  Three of his uncles, his grandpa, and his daddy are all relatively adventurous guys.  It runs in his blood.  

Newborn documentary sessionSt-Louis-Newborn-Photographer-01 Big Brother with Newborn Baby

Newborn sleeping with hand out of wrapSt-Louis-Newborn-Photographer-08 In Home Documentary Session

 As newborns so often do, he slept, he woke up, he ate, and slept again.  Sometime in the realm of him nursing with Teri, I got to spend some one on one time with Johnny and William.  I know from experience photographing these two that there is no shortage of fun.  Both adventure seekers, there is always something fun to capture.  And I love a toddler in a diaper.  They’re certainly getting older, but definitely not potty trained.  They want pure independence but totally seek approval and heavily depend upon their parents.   They can do it, but they want you to “holp”.  Such is the case with William and Johnny is happy to to be that for him.  

Dad and toddler reading book St-Louis-Newborn-Photographer-04 In Home Documentary Session

Toddler playing on drums in diaperSt-Louis-Newborn-Photographer-05 In Home Documentary Session Once Louie was done nursing, I was able to get in his sleepy photos and then we finished out the session with the family photos.   Louie was totally owning it still while William had pretty much had it with me and my camera.  Thankfully, I’m used to 2 year olds being over the whole thing pretty quickly.  Johnny and Teri are really owning the parenting of a 2 year old and a newborn.  They laugh, they joke, they find new solutions to everyday 2 year old hiccups, and they genuinely enjoy life.  I’m so excited to watch this young family grow and to see the undoubtedly close bond that will continue to blossom between William and his baby brother, Louie Louie Louie.

Mother and Father holding newborn babySt-Louis-Newborn-Photographer-06 In Home Documentary Session

Newborn baby yawningSt-Louis-Newborn-Photographer-07 In Home Documentary Session
Newborn baby sleepingSt-Louis-Newborn-Photographer-08 In Home Documentary Session   Newborn baby feetSt-Louis-Newborn-Photographer-03 Newborn baby sleeping with feet out

Johnny and Teri, congratulations on another adorable blue eyed baby boy!

Toddler, Dad, Mom, and newborn baby St-Louis-Newborn-Photographer-09 In Home Documentary Session If you are looking for a St. Louis Newborn Photographer to do an in home lifestyle or documentary photo session, contact me




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