Katie Gaeta Photography | St. Louis Birth Photographer | No Different Than Duchess Kate

St. Louis Birth Photographer | No Different Than Duchess Kate

April 24, 2018  •  1 Comment

I’m going to let you in on a little secret about Duchess Kate and her most recent delivery of the latest little Royal heir.  As a fellow precipitous birther myself (labor to baby in 3 hours or less), I know exactly what it’s like to have your little princess, or Prince in the Duchess’ case, decide they’re going to make a hasty grand entrance into the world.  

Katie Gaeta Photography Birth Photography St. Louis MO Mercy Birthing CenterMother and Father moments after birth smiling at their newborn baby girl Photo: 15 minutes after delivery

Katie Gaeta Photography Birth Photography Sunset Hills, MO Old Navy Parking LotWoman holding newborn baby in the front seat of a mini van with husband behind her both smiling

Photo: 10 minutes after delivery

Katie Gaeta Birth Photography St. Louis MO Mercy Birthing CenterWoman standing up holding newborn baby with husband looking on behind her

Photo: Walking moments after delivery

I am a firm supporter of educated birth and informed choice meaning I fully support any mama’s educated choices before during and after labor.  Education makes all the difference.  If you want to go un-medicated, if you want an epidural, if you opt for a cesarean because you feel that’s the safest way to birth your baby, I support you because you did your research and you made informed choices.  

Katie Gaeta Photography Birth Photography St. Louis MO Mercy Birthing Center Physiological BirthWoman in labor holding on to fabric during contraction with support of midwife and doula

Photo: Up walking during labor

For the people of the internet pining for information on how a person walks that quickly after labor and delivery, I’ll tell you. I prepared for 9 months to have the labor I did.  Do you want to know how I had my baby on the side of the road at 9:15am and was home by 3:15pm that same day?  It most certainly had nothing to do with royalty because I am anything but!  I had an entirely un-medicated labor and delivery with my third.  Without an epidural or fluids pumped into me, it is entirely possible to be up walking, smiling, and interacting like Duchess Kate only hours after delivery.  People like to speculate about her being Royalty and how she must be magical.  

Katie Gaeta Photography Birth Photography St. Louis MO Mercy Birthing CenterTwo women newly postpartum women holding newborn babies while toddler looks on

Photo: 20 minutes after her delivery, 2 days after my own delivery.

Ladies and gentleman, fellow pregnant mamas, future pregnant mamas, Duchess Kate isn’t a unicorn birther.  And neither am I.  Sure, she has a stylist that comes in and dolls her up hours after labor, she puts on a dress (come on, we all know there’s a massive pair of Depends under there holding it all in just like the rest of us ha ha), and heels for her brief public appearance but beyond that, she is a woman who knows what her body is capable of.  She is a big advocate for un-medicated births and I imagine her laughing at the idea of people thinking she’s super magical Royalty. 

Katie Gaeta Birth Photography Physiological BirthWoman standing up holding hours old newborn baby in house

Photo: Taken by my husband's iPhone.  5 hours after delivery.

After I had my daughter in the car and was quickly back home, people called me “Super Mom”, but really, I’m not!  I mean that!  I just prepared and did what I knew my body was capable of!  Did I just compare little old me to Duchess Kate?  YEP.  Not even sorry about it either because there are A TON of women who have done and are capable of doing the same.  As a birth photographer, I see this type of thing all the time at the Mercy Birthing Center where they are also big proponents of physiological birth.  You do not have to be confined to a bed for days following an un-medicated birth.  This is what the practice and support of physiological birth can look like afterwards.  You don’t have to be Royalty to feel like a million bucks after you had a baby.  As my Midwife, Maria, told me, what I experienced was a completely average birth that happened to take place in the front seat of my car.  I could not agree more! Walking, talking, and smiling after birth like Duchess Kate is entirely possible, because, mamas, you are warriors of birth.  You are informed.  You are capable!

Are you a fast laborer?  How soon after delivery did you get up to walk around?  Do you want your next labor documented?  Me too!  Let's set a date to meet up for some coffee or whatever you're drinking these days ;)  It's on me!



i love all these comparisons to duchess kate! well done both of you! i agree. you were both prepared.
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